Windows To A Multicultural World

Arts-Integrated African-American and African Diaspora History and Culture

Join us on wheels, in the air, and in space!

Special Edition: Joy in Motion!

Clemmons Family Farm joyfully shares selected content from Window 1- "Traveling While Black"- of our Windows To A Multicultural World curriculum for this special "Joy in Motion" edition.

Parents and teachers, use the "Joy in Motion" lesson plans and plan for live arts engagements, led by our teaching artists, with your students in grades K-12.


  • Hold onto your hats and find liberation through motion with two famous Bessies on two wheels: Bessie Coleman (stunt pilot) and Bessie Stringfield (cross-country motorcycle rider).
  • Discover the amazing contributions of roller-skating to the civil rights movement.
  • Fly into space with astronauts Ed Dwight Junior and Mae Jameson!


  • Read Sebastian's Roller Skates with Clemmons Family Farm collaborating artist Parker Silver (for Grades K-5), Kia'Rae Hanron (for Grades 6-8), and Saturn Millner (Grades 9-12).
  • Use thought-provoking discussion questions and art activities to prompt students to process ideas and emotions, and share them in creative, safe, and brave spaces.


  • Take the Roll with Your Joy challenge with Clemmons Family Farm teaching artists Parker Silver, Saturn Millner, and Kia'Rae Hanron!